Saturday, June 16, 2007

Talkin Jazz 2007

Much to my surprise I have been given the job as Artistic Director of Talkin Jazz 2007.

This is a free program funded by the Brisbane City Council for high school students in the Brisbane area that gives students access to some of the best musicians and jazz educators. TJ 2007 has monthly masterclass/jams and a performance intensive during the mid year break.

They learn in a performance situation. The program is covering music from the history of jazz with a particular focus upon Australian jazz.

TJ 2007 Performance Intensive encourage students of all abilities to find their own voice. With that in mind, the masterclasses focus upon the themes: the importance of rhythm and timbre in improvisation, time is everybody's responsibility, to create a whole band sound and ... have a go!


The students has students of all abilities attending. Some are just becoming exposed to jazz and improvisation whilst others are more advanced and experienced. But without doubt, these students represent the new generation of jazz improvisers in Brisbane. And I think there is within this group some real talent that we should nurture. In years to come they will be the players gigging around, that will form bands and will show a new approach to jazz.

At the end of the 2 week intensive, students perform over 3 nights in the 1st week of July. For more information visit

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